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Universal satisfaction index

We use the same metric as Apple and Amazon.

Friendly reports.

Easy to understand visual graphics.

What to Improve

We identify what to prioritize to make your business grow faster.

How does the FEEDBACK MACHINE work?

Simple steps to build your own survey

  1. You answer 3 simple questions about your business.

  2. Within 72 hours we’ll send you a custom survey on your e-mail.

  3. After reviewing the survey, you enable it for your customers.

  4. Track the feedback in real time


Several reasons. Check it out.

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    Brief Surveys

    Let’s be honest. No one likes to waste time. Least of all your customers. That’s why we focus on smart and easy to answer surveys.

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    Easy to answer

    Each survey has an unique URL.Your customers can fill out the survey from any device - and you can easily integrate the survey to your page or email it..

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    Honest feedback

    We get the responses straight from your customers, and they can choose whether or not to identify themselves to your company. This way people are comfortable to be sincere and straightforward about your product or service.

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    Your user is your best advertisement

    Every time you get a high rating, we encourage the user to recommend you on the social networks. Once you reach a minimum number of answers and a high NPS, we award you with a badge to expose your company as recommended by users

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    Thank and reward

    Isn’t it great when we know we’ve been heard? So we always send a thank you message to our respondents and encourage you to do the same and, as often as possible, offer a discount, gift card or an special attention as a thank you gesture.

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    Information feed your actions

    Share your results with your team and partners and clarify received feedbacks with your customers. You’ll have more chances to revert unsatisfied customers if you contact them yourself.


Which of the following categories best represents your business?

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Choose a plan that best suits your needs..


  • Distribution

    Survey distribution (shareable URL or Feedback Machine’s email)

  • Social networks

    Real time responses and daily evolution

  • Reports

    Online reports and download to xlsx

  • recommendation

    Social media recommendation tool

  • segmentation

    Report segmentation by your customers’ profile (Coming soon)

  • Like Facebook page

    We encourage your customers to like your Facebook page


Feedback Machine helps service providers, manufacturers and distributors to grow quickly and in a sustained fashion through the improvement of your customers and employees. We hear their opinion objectively and transparently, providing an organized and reliable vision of the improvement areas that will bring the best result for your business. We’ll show you how feedback is valuable and can be turned into plans and efficient goals.

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